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Where do the best English sparkling wines come from?

Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs 2014 English Sparkling Wine
  1. English Sparkling Wine is made in every county in which wine is made in England. There are 45 counties producing wine these days. Plenty of vineyards will claim that their region is the best, of course!

Most of the vineyards are in the south of England, where it is generally warmer than the north. This is important for getting the grapes rip enough, but sparkling wines don’t need grapes as ripe as still wines do. Therefore, this isn’t necessarily the determining factor in where the best English Sparkling Wines come from.

The classic sparkling wine region, Champagne, is famous for its chalky soils. These are said to be important to the quality of the wine. Amazingly, the South and North Downs in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire are the same geological seam of chalk that is found in Champagne! (It ducks below the surface and the Channel before reappearing in these southern counties). So, these counties have a good claim to be some of the best spots.

Top producers from these counties include:


Hattingley Valley



Balfour Hush Heath

Chapel Down



Albury Estate

Denbies Wine Estate



Roebuck Estates

Wiston Estate

But do explore other counties’ English Sparkling Wines!

However, there are English Sparkling Wines from other counties that we think are truly exceptional and which often win awards, so do explore wines from other regions too! For example, Harrow & Hope near Marlow in Buckinghamshire have a phenomenal range of English Sparkling Wines, as do Langham Wine Estate in Dorset and Saffron Grange in Essex. If you want to explore the vineyards of England and Wales, take a look at the vineyard section of our website. While it doesn’t have all of the over 700 English and Welsh Vineyards on it, there are a couple of hundred for you to investigate. Search the WineGB website too. Find a vineyard near you, or near where you are holidaying, that makes English Sparkling Wine, and check their wines out!