Albury Vineyard

2021 vintage report

2021 has proved to be an exceptionally difficult year which has resulted in the lowest yield we have ever experienced. Overall across our two vineyards we have probably only harvested 35% of an average year.

Frost caused some damage but even though it was exceptionally cold in March the vines weren’t too badly effected as bud break was 3-4 weeks later than normal. This in turn resulted in a late harvest. Downey Mildew was the biggest problem at Albury which was exceptionally bad as a result of the damp, overcast but warm summer (ideal conditions for Downey). Normally it only effects the canopy but this year the fruit was also badly damaged. This is the first year I feel we have suffered from disease more than conventional vineyards but having said that I’m aware many conventional vineyards suffered as well.

There will be more chaptalisation this year, especially compared to last year when the fruit was very ripe. However the fruit we did pick was very clean and we expect our wines to still be high quality. There will undoubtedly be less still wine and our Silent pool Rosé will be no exception.

We had some difficulty sourcing contract labour with last minute cancellations. We are less effected at Albury because we have a large group of local volunteers.

The major problem was acidity which may result in malolactic fermentation for some wines. Not a great vintage for us but non the less will be a high quality but small volumes.

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