Cambridge Distillery Curator’s Gin


40% ABV
Botanicals sourced from Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Cambridge Distillery’s Curator’s Gin is created in partnership with Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Having been awarded three consecutive times as the most innovative distillery in the world, Cambridge Distillery was thrilled to be offered unprecedented access to Cambridge University Botanic Garden’s extensive collections. Under the watchful eye of Sam Brockington, the Garden’s Curator, they hand-picked these extraordinary botanicals and cycled them back to their distillery within minutes of harvesting, using their pioneering novo-dimensional distillation matrix to preserve absolute purity of freshness and flavour. Their Master Distiller William Lowe then expertly blended these individual elements into Curator’s Gin: a truly outstanding spirit with a herbaceous, floral profile. Curator’s Gin is available as an experimental batch of just 600 bottles.

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