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June New Wines & News

Grape Britannia first birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to Grape Britannia!

On 21 June 2019, Grape Britannia opened its shop doors and went live with our website. The longest day of the year, it really was a long day for us as we frantically stacked the shelves with wine, the builders had only finished the shop refurb the previous day, and with the midnight oil having been burnt the night before trying to iron out the last few bugs and aesthetic issues with the website. At the end of the day, we really did enjoy the celebratory glass of English Sparkling Wine we had been looking forward to all week

We’re not going to devote too many paragraphs to this, as we want to get onto the wine, which is of course what it is fundamentally all about. All we’ll say is that we’re delighted that in the past 12 months we’ve been able to spread the message about the current breadth and depth of quality of English and Welsh winemaking. It has been a pleasure to introduce many people to English and Welsh wines for the first time, and new English and Welsh wines to those who had already taken their first sips. We’ve built the largest selection of English and Welsh wines to be found in any retailer, always guided by our core mantra: Exceptional quality; Locally Sourced; Expertly Curated.

Read on to find out about a special offer to mark the occasion, English Wine Week, and a couple of Father’s Day ideas.

We’re really looking forward to our second year and want to thank you for your tremendous support and enthusiastic response to Grape Britannia.

Best wishes
Matt and Natalie Hodgson
Co-Founders, Grape Britannia

Balfour Hush Heath Estate special offer – 25% off cases

Balfour were one of the first estates we visited once the idea of setting up Grape Britannia started to become a reality. I have a vivid memory of standing on the balcony of their relatively-newly-built visitor centre in February 2019 in some unseasonal sunshine, looking out over Nannette’s vineyard. I had just sampled their range. I was excited for the beginning of Grape Britannia’s adventure, and about the quality of the wines I had just tried, making me even surer that the idea of setting up an independent wine merchants selling only English and Welsh wines was not crazy.

We have been great advocates of the Balfour range, you have been avid customers, and in turn they have been hugely supportive of us, which has allowed us to offer an a amazing 25% off deal on 6 bottle cases.

Try the sensational Red Miller 2018, first ever English red wine to wine an International Wine Challenge Gold Medal, for £29.99 per bottle compared to the normal £39.99. Marvel at the winemaker’s craft with the Septered Isle 2018, also down to £29.99 per bottle – all seven Champagne grapes, vinified as a still white wine; fabulously complex and delicious. Or try the Late Harvest Chardonnay 2018, down to £24.74 per bottle – a vinous unicorn, a botrytised sweet Chardonnay with incredible lime and orange marmalade characterstics. If you want to hear more about these unique wines, watch our Insta TV interview with Balfour Head Winemaker, Fergus Elias.

The 25% discount applies across the whole Balfour wine range, not just these Winemaker’s Collection specials, so the many fans of Nannette’s Rosé (down to £11.99), Liberty’s Bacchus (£13.49) and Luke’s Pinot Noir (£16.87) can enjoy these favourites at a great price on 6 bottle case orders.

The offer, which runs until 31 July or until stocks run out, applies to unmixed cases (i.e. per 6 bottles of the same wine), plus a mixed case we have put together of our highlights from the range.

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Saffron Grange Gift Box Set


Win this English Sparkling Wine plus glasses gift set worth £49.99 – every online order during English Wine Week (20-28 June) will be entered into a draw

English Wine Week, normally held during May, has been moved by the trade body WineGB this year to help with the celebrations of Grape Britannia’s 1st birthday. Only joking! But is is a happy coincidence for us!

Explore English wines through our 200+ strong range, with all online orders during this 9 day week(!) entered into a draw for a gift box worth £49.99, containing the exceptional Saffron Grange Classic Cuvée 2016 plus two gorgeous, delicate, sparkling wine glasses.

Cambridge Distillery Premix G&T

For those of you visiting our shop, we are offering a free bottle of Cambridge Distillery’s Gin & Tonic Premix, worth £19.99, on all purchases over £75. A top-notch gin, premixed with a complementary tonic – a perfect aperitif before the English or Welsh wine!


Somborne Valley Rondo 2014 English Red Wine

Somborne Valley Rondo 2014 (£15.99)
A crisp, refreshing red with rounded fruits and tannins, and subtle depths. If served lightly chilled, it makes an interesting alternative to a rosé. Over 5 years in bottle have mellowed the wine and let in develop some additional complexity. Somborne Valley Vineyard comprises three distinctly separate vineyards within Hopland’s Estate. Its vineyards are set in the downland landscape of Hampshire’s Test Valley, in what is increasingly recognised as one of England’s pre-eminent wine-producing areas. Its first plantings were in the Millennium year with further phases of planting in 2006 and 2017. Its plantings, totalling some 28 acres, comprise Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Meunier, Rondo, Bacchus and Sauvignon Blanc. All harvesting is by hand and the vineyard produces both sparkling and still wines.

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Stanlake Park Kings Fumé 2015

Stanlake Park King’s Fumé 2015 (£23.99)
A lightly oaked dry white wine, rich in body and complexity, with elegant and persistent aromas of vanilla, cream, peach, mango and orange blossom. Unfined and unfiltered, the wine is made using low intervention techniques to retain its true nature. This elegant, White Burgundy style wine was picked by Decanter magazine as one of the best English wines within its category. Winemaking takes place within a 17th Century Reformation barn which houses the largest winery in Berkshire, capable of handling over 200 tonnes of fruit in any one season. Our disgorging line was one of the first being used in England. The fastidious attention to detail in the vineyard continues in the winery, where the entire process is carefully monitored and controlled by Nico Centonze, Stanlake Park’s winemaker.

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A year ago, the shelves were bare.. now we’re running out of space as our range keeps on growing! Thanks again for your support and we look forward to sending you some wine soon or seeing you in the shop.

Best wishes
Matt and Natalie