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English Wine Week 2022: Celebrating the Best of British

As we move into May, it’s time to start thinking about English Wine Week 2022.

This week-long event will feature wine tastings, lectures, and other events centred around English wine. So whether you’re a wine lover or just looking to learn more about English wines, this event is for you! There’s no need to miss out on the fun – mark your calendar for June 19-27, 2022 and join in the celebration.

National campaign promoting wineries in Great Britain

Celebrate the History of English Wine This Week

English Wine Producers, a trade association for English vineyards, established the event in 2006 to promote English wines.

Since then, it has grown in popularity, with more and more vineyards taking part each year. As a result, English wine week offers a unique opportunity to discover the diversity of English wines. From sparkling wines to still whites and reds, there is something to suit every taste. And with over 700 vineyards now operating in England, there is plenty of choice for exploring. So whether you are a wine expert or looking to try something new, make sure you raise a glass to English wine week!

The English wine scene has come a long way in recent years, with the number of vineyards more than doubling since 2006. More and more vines and English vineyards are being planted even now.

This growth is due to favourable climatic conditions and increased demand for high-quality English wines. But it’s not the quantity of English wine that has improved in recent years; the quality has increased too. 

In fact, English wines have won many awards at international competitions. Many vineyards promote upcoming events during English wine week and offer special tours and tastings to raise awareness.

Discover the best local wines near you

So what are you waiting for? Get exploring and raise a glass of English wine!

English Wine Gaining Popularity

English wine has been gaining popularity in recent years, and there are several reasons why.

First, the climate in England has improved for growing grapes, as the increase inwarmth helps extend the growing season and produce lush, ripe fruit.

English winemakers have refined their techniques in recent years, resulting in wines with complex flavour profiles. English wine has a distinct taste, with its high acidity providing freshness and energy.

English wine is poised for continued success in the years to come. So why not get on board and give it a try?

Enjoy the Best English Wines

Before you begin exploring English wines, it can be helpful to narrow down your options and suggestions.

Here are some of the best English wines to try:

Sparkling wine: English sparkling wine is world-renowned for its high quality. Some of the best producers include Chapel Down, Harrow & Hope, and Simpsons Wine Estate.

White wine: English white wines are light and refreshing, with delicate floral aromas. Try a bottle from Davenport or Winbirri Vineyard.

Red wine: English red wines are often made from the Pinot Noir grape and tend to be lighter and more approachable than their French counterparts.

Good examples can be found at Denbies Wine Estate and Three Choirs Vineyard.

There will be an English wine that you’ll love no matter your tastes. So why not try a bottle or two today?

What’s Next for English Wine?

English wine has come a long way in recent years, thanks to the tireless efforts of growers and producers.

Once relegated to the sidelines, English wine is now winning international awards and gaining a reputation for quality.

So what’s next for this rapidly-growing industry?

One of the biggest challenges facing English wine producers is climate change.

Although warm weather is a good thing overall, it can mean that vines get going earlier in the year and so are more at risk from late spring frosts, which can damage the buds and shoots and prevent grapes forming.

Another challenge facing the industry is Brexit.

Due to the UK’s departure from the European Union, English wine producers will no longer have access to the EU’s single market.

As a result, exporting their wines could be challenging, as they may face tariffs and other trade barriers. Additonally, producers import raw materials such as bottles and labels and are suffering delays and price rises.

The Future of English Wine Looks Bright

English wines will continue growing as consumers learn about their unique tastes and exceptional quality.

Additionally, as winemakers refine their techniques, English wines will only improve. English wines are in for a great future, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or looking to try something new.