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Women in English & Welsh Wine

We enjoyed a fabulous tasting on International Women’s Day on 8 March, with 6 women in English & Welsh wine sharing their stories with us, and attendees sampling their exceptional wines. Here’s 4 videos that were played at the tasting:

Charlotte Davitt-Mills of Shotley Vineyard
Linda Howard of Giffords Hall Vineyard
Nicola Merchant of White Castle Vineyard
Laura Robinson of Burn Valley Vineyard

Many thanks to Charlotte Davitt-Mills of Shotley Vineyard, Laura Robinson of Burn Valley Vineyard, Linda Gifford of Giffords Hall Vineyard and Nicola Merchant of White Castle Wines for recording short videos for us to play at the tasting.⁠

All the wines went down exceptionally well and our attendees loved the stories of these wonderful women.⁠

Finally, Alison Nightingale at Albourne Estate also shared this perspective:

My experience as a Vineyard owner/wine maker and mother of 3 that have grown up alongside the business…..I can say that growing vines and making wine is a bit like bringing up children….you nuture them from babies, have many sleepless nights worrying about them, many tears when things go wrong and you blame yourself, struggle with them like unruly teenagers when the weather is poor….and then, when you make the wine it goes through phases and vintages of seeming easy and delicious and phases of seeming problematic and tricky (just like a teenager!) and then, when you finallly launch your wine out into the big wide world you hope its mature and good enough to hold its own and be respected and admired….just like you do your children!!