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The first three weeks

So, we are three weeks launched and the dust is settling (literally still in the case of the shop, where the shopfitting works ran up to the day before opening). The reception from our local community has been wonderful, and it has been heartening to see so many of those who came to our “neighbours” launch evening return to enjoy a few more glasses in or bottles of English Wine from the shop.

Compliments have been gratefully received and we have been gratified that our belief in the quality of English Wine and English Sparkling Wine has been reflected in the positive reception by our customers.

Many of them are already aware of the transformation of the industry and have tried one or two English wines. We have welcomed the opportunity to give them a chance to expand their experience. But almost more satisfying has been the reaction of customers who have never, or not recently, tried English wines, and who have clearly approached their first sip of wine in our bar with a little trepidation or scepticism. Almost universally, they have been blown away by the quality and become converts.

Wines by the glass have proved extremely popular, with Court Garden Ditchling White, Camel Valley Bacchus and Three Choirs Rosé leading the charge in the first few days. With weekly rotation they have been rapidly covering a lot of ground, from Cornwall to Kent and up to Norfolk.

Thanks also to those who have purchased online, and given feedback, it has been extraordinarily helpful as we refine our site and offering. Thanks to Didier at Say it With Champers for his thoughts on boosting our website ranking.

It’s been a bright start and we look forward to the future reassured of the appreciation of and demand for quality English wine!

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