Giffords Hall

Giffords Hall is a family owned vineyard planted on the site of an ancient glacial riverbed near Long Melford in Suffolk. Their sandy/clay soil produces quality grapes, high in natural sugars and acids, that lend themselves particularly well to both sparkling and dry, aromatic still wines.The vineyard was planted around 25 years ago and the vines are now in their prime. Madeleine Angevine, Bacchus, Reichensteiner, Rondo, Pinot Noir, (both Burgundian and Precoce), and Pinot Blanc, all do well on this site.

2021 vintage report

Yields – similar to 2020 – low but we were expecting this as we have radically pruned our old vines to improve future yields.  As projected by our consultant we think quality has improved.

Problems – where to start – disease pressure – dry when it should have rained ,and rainy almost consistently when it shouldn’t have done. Cold – this was a cold year with less degree days resulting in a late harvest with lower sugars, low Ph but interestingly some good flavours.  The reds are very surprising

Labour – we were very lucky –  my pickers  are onsite and have come to us from Kent for almost 9 years now.  Materials – expecting problems so ordered well in advance – particularly gas.

This is a ‘winemakers year’ – it’s early days but so far it’s going well!

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