Charles Palmer

Charles Palmer Vineyards is a family run wine estate at Winchelsea in Sussex. The estate’s vineyards benefit from an ideal climate for vines, with its close proximity to the sea, south facing slope, and its terroir in particular. The lowest part of the vineyard is a mere 5 metres from sea level and sits above a bed of Kimmeridgian clay similar to the Grand Crus of Burgundy.

2021 vintage report

  • Yields– approximately ½ of what we’d normally expect (120 Tonne)  with later budding, flowering, version and harvest.
  • Specific problems – 17 nights of frost – we did no prevention due to our microclimate. Mildew from late July, which we used a regular spray routine to protect.
  • Impact on winemaking – we made no still wine this year.
  • Labour issues and materials shortage – absolutely noticed a shortage in staff, we had to call in some of the locals for the summer maintenance. We also got in a machine harvester which we used for 2 days.
  • Your view on quality – similar to 2012

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