Camel Valley

Camel Valley has been producing award-winning, world-class wines in a beautiful corner of Cornwall since 1989. The Estate boasts an idyllic setting on sun-drenched slopes near the famous Camel River; excellent grapes that perfectly suit the soil and climate; a respect for traditional vineyard practices combined with a modern approach to wine making and, most importantly, a passion for creating wines that provide pure pleasure.

2021 vintage report

This year was a late start with the cold weather which meant later picking, or I should probably say back to the olden days.  There was immense disease pressure in the south east resulting in very reduced yields.  Definitely more sparkling being made this year for us with the higher acidity for pinot noir and chardonnay.  Bacchus was very good.  Chaptalization is a little higher but then it is always high compered with anywhere else.  Reduced yields wine reduced options for winemaking.

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