All Angels

2021 vintage report

Everyone in the wine trade in Europe recognises this as one of the most challenging growing seasons in a long time.  In England we see it being most similar in recent years to 2015.

At All Angels the year started wet – between October and February we had three times the average rainfall and that delayed some of the actions we wanted to take such as soil related work.  We pruned late and adopted the “sacrificial cane” approach, both techniques to limit damage from later frost.

April and May were relatively dry but the frosts were tough.  We’ve all seen the pictures from Burgundy but here we had the worst frost for 60 years.  During those two months we worked through the night (from 11pm till 5pm the following day) to fight the frosts on 27 occasions and 17 nights in a row, using bougies, frostguards, frost fans and trialling some frost ovens (which proved problematic and not effective).  The hard work paid off and we survived with negligible frost damage unlike many vineyards: that is important to us as we only use grapes from our vineyards in producing All Angels Sparkling Wines – provenance is key so we don’t buy in grapes grown by others to supplement.

There was a relatively stable period of weather for a few weeks but flowering did suffer from some cold and wet weather and we saw that later in the year with “hen and chicken” in the bunches.

The remaining growing period was mixed with some good periods of sun and warmth but largely warm, wet and humid conditions which are ideal for downy mildew and botrytis.  Again we at All Angels were lucky and didn’t suffer any of this until late August and we were able to react quickly enough to remove diseased leaves and spray to arrest the mildew and remove by hand the bunches that looked most at risk from botrytis.

It was cold at the end of summer and that delayed harvest everywhere.  The Chardonnay harvest was a challenge: a fine balancing act between leaving the grapes on to get the last bit of sugar against disease risk and impending wet weather that would just dilute the flavour.

So where did we end up?  we were pleased with how the year panned out for us and that the enormous and constant hard work paid off.  Yields across all varieties were up on 2020, and in total by 80%.  Sugars and acidity were on a par with last year and for Pinot Noir were noticeably better.  Chardonnay was the most challenging and while the acidity is pretty good, sugars are down a little on last year – the additional chapitalisation permission will help resolve this we hope.

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