The Belgian Brewer Dubbel 330ml


7.5% ABV
A robust dark beer made with 5 types of malts

This top quality Dubbel (or ‘Brune’ as it is often called), is a robust dark beer, and a favourite at the dinner table as it pairs well with many foods. The Belgian Brewer’s Dubbel is made with 5 types of malts, all of which enhance the complexity in this fabulous brew. Nik Lemmens is an ex-pat Belgian now based in Bishops Stortford, who is making sensational Belgian-style beers here in England. All The Belgian Brewer’s beers are brewed to traditional Belgian methods – a time consuming process which adds to the complex flavours in the beers. He uses top quality ingredients, with no artificial colours or preservatives. All the beers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as unlike some breweries, he does not use any animal derivatives to ‘clear’ the beer. Because of this, they are often naturally cloudy, and will have natural yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Each step of the process is scrutinised to ensure quality and consistency. The beers will not leave the brewery unless Nik and his team are 100% satisfied with the taste.

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