Knightor Winery Rosso Vermouth


15 ABV
Bitter orange zest, aniseed, cinchona, fruity with a lingering bitter marmalade finish, and a hint of spiciness

A rich bittersweet vermouth. Aromas leap out of the glass of bitter orange zest, aniseed, cinchona and gentian overlaid with gentle spice. The palate starts fruity, but finishes with a lingering bitter marmalade finish, with a hint of spiciness. A small batch blend of 15 different herbs and spices, homemade caramel and Knightor wine, are used in this rosso vermouth. There are many classic herbs used such as wormwood, sage and aniseed, plus some more exotic to add the bitterness and gentle spice. The herbs, spices and zest were first infused in a fruity Eau de Vie distilled from their own grape skins. After a short steeping period, the herb infusion was added to a blend of red and white base wines and allowed to mature and integrate for a short period. Following this a small amount of caramel was made providing the classic rosso colour and underlying aroma. This Vermouth was then allowed to age in tank for a short period before bottling. Knightor make premium quality, limited production English wines from grapes grown in English vineyards and their own vines at Portscatho and Seaton on the south Cornish coast.

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