Litmus WinesGinking Original


8.5% ABV
English wine, gin and sparkling water - built for refreshment

Ginking Original is a unique drink that blends wine and gin that is all about refreshment, enjoyment and celebrating occasions. Reflecting the flavours and history of England, botanicals from evocative outposts long used in England are married with London Dry Gin, English white wine and finally, they make it all bubble. It’s jolly good stuff.

Ginking Original is a delicate pale straw in colour with bubbles that are gracefully fine, exhilarating the palate. Delicate aromas of sweet spice from the pink pepper and cardamom mix with citrus notes from the wine and herbal wafts from the gin, creating an alluring fragrance that implores one to taste what is next. Packed with refreshment and a thoroughly dry finish the flavours from the aroma dance across the palate. At only 8.5% ABV, which is a third lower than the average sparkling wine, Ginking is built for refreshment.

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