Four Acres Estate Sparkling Cider 2018 750ml


8.4% ABV
Crisp, dry, nuanced, beautiful mousse - craft cider at its best

The Four Acres Estate is a small family run vineyard and orchard set on a hillside above the Ash Valley in Little Hadham, Hertfordshire. The orchard is home to over 200 apple trees consisting of nine superior cider-apple varieties including Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey, Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill and Stoke Red. Their traditionally crafted, dry sparkling cider is aged in tanks with a second fermentation in bottle. The cider stays on its lees for up to six months to create its charactersitic dry, sparkling, smoky flavour. Every stage in the process is lovingly hand-crafted, including hand riddling and disgorging the lees from the secondary fermentation.

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