Balfour Hush Heath Jake’s Saffron Beer 330ml


4.80% ABV
A unique premium lager with subtle saffron notes

Jake’s Saffron Beer is Hush Heath’s latest craft creation. To make it, the highest quality saffron is sourced from Morocco on the edge of the Saharan desert. Hence, its nickname, the Saharan Gold. When used carefully, saffron is an incredible flavour enhancer, merging with ingredients and making them linger on the tongue. That’s why, in a
world of highly-hopped beers, we’ve bucked the trend by brewing this subtle, smooth style lager that allows the saffron to flourish and bring out the best in the beer’s delicate balance of bitter and aromatic hops. Blonde in style, but golden in colour, it’s yellow-tinted bubbles sit aloft a premium lager that has malty notes of honey and tangerine pulling through. Although wonderful on its own, the beer is light enough to sit alongside a meal, rewarding those who are creative with their food matching. Spicy curries, cheesy dishes, steamed fish or apple crumbles are amongst our favourite pairings.

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